Below you will find a selection of Paul D. Burley’s media interviews.

Stonehenge As Above So Below

Legalise – Paul Burley discusses his book Stonehenge: As Above, So Below – Unveiling the Spirit Path on Salisbury Plain which identifies the original design and purpose of the Stonehenge ritual landscape.
Capricorn Radio – Paul D. Burley – The Sacred Sphere”>Capricorn Radio – Paul D. Burley – The Sacred Sphere

Jim Harold’s Paranormal Plus Club – Author Paul Burley joins us to discuss the motivations of the builders of one of ancient history’s biggest mysteries — Stonehenge!

Just Energy Radio. Ancient Archaeological Site Of StoneHenge – Paul Burley - Researcher and cosmologist. Paul Burley joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he shares with the listeners his groundbreaking insights into the ancient site of Stonehenge and the Salisbury plane.


The Sacred Sphere

Awakening to conscious co-creation with Peter Tongue. There is a cosmic consciousness that, through use of symbols, allows us to comprehend and communicate our relationship with Earth, the Universe and life itself. This is a common thread binding the fabric of all mankind.

( GIC Production ) This video is for everyone interested in ancient and indigenous cross-cultural mythologies, timeless religious and spiritual principles and practices expressed in traditions as varied as mathematics and monumental architecture, and the growing human concern for our relationship with Earth.

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