Stonehenge – As Above So Below by Paul D Burley

About the book:

Paul D. Burley’s Stonehenge: As Above, So Below is a game changer. This book identifies the original design and purpose of the Stonehenge Ritual Landscape. It will change your understanding of the people who built the first and largest monument and many other mid-Neolithic structures that remain vital to functioning of this sacred landscape. You will discover the Stonehenge Landscape is the oldest and best preserved example of astronomically related sacred symbolism ever constructed. In addition, Burley describes the purpose of heretofore enigmatic megalithic Stonehenge. His discovery was made while researching the objective of four stones inside the henge yet unnoticed by thousands of people viewing the monument each day. They are the Station Stones. Overshadowed by circles of much larger stones, the Station Stones justify the entire monument itself. They are the key to understanding the annual conception of new life by Earth Goddess and Sky King.

Stonehenge: As Above So Below includes more than 90 illustrations. It is a major breakthrough unveiling a new paradigm for how Stonehenge was used 5500 years ago, and how we should view it today.

Paul D. Burley is a researcher of ancient and indigenous symbolism. His experience includes almost 30 years as a registered engineer and environmental geologist. He is the author of The Sacred Sphere.

“The best book on Stonehenge I have read for a very long time. Fresh and original throughout, thoroughly researched, convincing and thought provoking, Stonehenge: As Above, So Below opens new doors on the magic and the mystery of our most ancient past.”
Graham Hancock,
Author Fingerprints of the Gods

Book cover - Sacred Sphere

The Sacred Sphere

Paul D Burley’s first book: “The Sacred Sphere describes the history of the circle as a sacred two dimensional representation of the sphere, symbolizing mankind‘s relationships with each other, the world, the cosmos and the Creator. It describes archeological evidence for prehistoric social and cultural symbolism, mythical and cultural symbolic expressions of the human condition, and human relationships within the larger community. These interests and concerns are inherent in all cultures.” To find out more please click this link